Professor Z. T. Richard Bieniawski von Preinl is professor of mineral engineering emeritus at the ZTBprof.jpgPennsylvania State University and President of Bieniawski Design Enterprises, a tunnel design and construction consultancy in Prescott, Arizona. He is internationally recognized as one of the leading authorities in the world in rock engineering, tunneling and in mining, with over 50 years of experience in engineering practice, teaching and research. His special expertise is rock mass characterization, engineering design methodology and management, and tunnel engineering.

In 1973, he developed the rock mass classification, known as the Rock Mass Rating (RMR) System, which is currently used throughout the world on tunneling projects. The RMR System combines the most significant geologic parameters of influence and represents them with one overall comprehensive index used for the design and construction of tunnels.

In mining, he is known for developing the Bieniawski mine pillars design formula and for proposing a detailed methodology and principles for the design of underground excavations.


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